Milwaukee’s reputation as a “big city of little neighborhoods” has made housing in Milwaukee highly desirable for people who want access to big-city amenities in a unique neighborhood niche. Every neighborhood has a one-of-a-kind culture with locally-owned restaurants, curated boutiques, craft breweries, and endless festivals and events. If you own a house in Milwaukee and are considering putting it on the market, you’re in for some great news! Zillow’s home value index shows that Milwaukee’s real estate market has seen a rapid increase in home value of 8.6% over the past year alone. Zillow also projects that Milwaukee will see an additional 2.6% increase in median home value this year. If you are considering selling your home, now is a great time to get the ball rolling. However, you may be wondering when exactly is the best time to officially put your home on the market. These steps will show you how to gain the maximum offer for your home over a shorter period of time by finding the best possible time to sell your home. 

Tap into a Local Agent’s Expertise for Recommendations 
If you are considering selling your home in Milwaukee, the first thing on your checklist should be to find one of the top agents in Milwaukee to serve as your partner through the process. There are dozens and dozens of ways to go about finding a real estate agent. However, you will want to be very selective and find the agent that will go above-and-beyond to make sure the process of selling your home is simple and earns you the best offer. One of the best ways to ensure your agent is a great fit is to use Effective Agents' technologically-based approach. The website uses an advanced algorithm to analyze data about your home and provide you with a list of the best performing realtors that fit your specific needs. 

Plan Ahead to List your Home at the Perfect Time 
Selling your home starts a very long time before you officially list your house for sale online or plant that sign in your front lawn. Once you’ve selected a real estate agent to partner with, you should sit down and plan out a timeline of items that need to be done prior to listing your home for sale. Plan for 4-6 months to prepare your home slowly and steadily. 

Take Advantage of Proven Peaks in Real Estate Sales 
Nationwide statistics show that the best months to sell a house and receive the highest premium are in the following order: May, June and July. Ideally, your home should be fully prepared to be listed in April. That means that it should be perfectly polished and ready to be shown to prospective buyers. As a Milwaukee resident, you’re well aware that the bitter winter season isn’t likely to be an ideal time for prospective homebuyers to be actively searching. Take advantage of this time by using the colder months to do any minor repairs and home upgrades. If your house can be ready to list by the time April rolls around, you will have an advantage over the competition of sellers who haven’t listed their house yet.

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Photography courtesy of Unsplash